Japanese Street Bike 300pc Bolt Kit (Zinc)

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Street/Sport Bike Bolt/Fastener Kit for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki & Kawasaki

Configured for Yamaha Kawasaki Suzuki & Honda street & sport bikes.

The Specbolt kits are dialed in. We did all the work, so you don't have to. This is all you need to replace missing or damaged fasteners for a fraction of what you would spend at the dealership for the same items.

30 M5 & M6 Fairing Bolts in 6 sizes for your Body Panels, Fairings, and Windshield

20 Nylon Push Rivets in 5 different sizes
- M8 Push Rivets
- M7Pry Rivets
- M7 Push Rivets
- M6.5 Push Pin Rivets
- M6 Push Rivets

Full windshield bolt kit including 6-M5 Well Nuts, 6-M5 Nylon Washers, and 6-M5x16 Allen Head Windscreen Bolts

Selection of Reduced Head M6 Flange bolts for your engine, body, and chassis
M6X12 Reduced Flange Bolts
M6X16 Reduced Flange Bolts
M6X20 Reduced Flange Bolts
M6X25 Reduced Flange Bolts
M6X35 Reduced Flange Bolts
M6X30 Reduced Flange Bolts

Dish Head M8 Flange Bolts

3 sizes M8 Socket Head Bolts
(30mm, 35mm, and 40mm)

Collection of 3 sizes of M8 Button Head Bolts
(20mm, 30mm, and 40mm)

Selection of 4 sizes of M6 Button Head Bolts
- M6x12 Button Allen Head
- M6x16 Button Allen Head
- M6x20 Button Allen Head
- M6x25 Button Allen Head

You get cotter pins in, sealing washers in, a pair of M8-1.25x50 fully threaded hardened chain adjuster bolts with flange nuts, and a collection of various M5, M6, M8, & M10 flange nuts, fuji lock nuts and nylock nuts.

Over 300pcs of OEM Factory matching Streetbike bolts to maintain your motorcycle in one handy kit. 

Comes in a high quality 18 compartment poly organizer box.

Specbolt manufactured these to meet or exceed manufacture's specs. Our hardened steel fasteners will out last the originals.

These fasteners are zinc plated (just like the originals). They look great and will resist corrosion. They are even salt water resistant.

These kits are designed to work with most all Japanese Sportbikes and therefore may not contain everything for one specific model.

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