About us


At Specbolt, we have been designing fastener kits for dirt bikes and ATVs since 2001, and have a great time doing it!

Specbolt has established ourselves with a great reputation for supplying top riders and mechanics from all over the world with high quality, long lasting, great looking OEM type fasteners.

We build a variety of kits for almost any need. From specific model (vintage or modern) off road motorcycle or ATV to assortments for racers, home work shops, and service department use.

We hand build our bolt kits in small batches to ensure good quality control and we are always open to customizing your kit even further to match your specific model and needs.

We also build restoration kits according to your requirements. Just give us a call at  (909) 675-0190 or email us at

Specbolt works closely with fastener manufacturers to design and produce the highest quality motorcycle and ATV fasteners available.

You can be sure our fasteners are tough and can be expected to last the lifetime of your machine.

We back our products. If one of our fasteners fail we will replace it for free for up to 5 years!!! Nobody else can make that claim.

All of our bolts are manufactured to a 10.9 grade rating and as an extra step they are "heat" treated before they are zinc plated.

We have our bolts sampled and thoroughly tested in the lab to ensure they meet Specbolt's high quality standards. They must meet and exceed the manufacturers original bolt ratings.

We race and test our products every weekend on a wide variety of professional level race teams and organizations. We sponsor AMA district 36 and district 37 to support our right to ride.

Specbolt has been around since 1999. It has always been our goal to supply the motorcycle and ATV riders, racers, and mechanics with the highest quality OEM Factory match fasteners for a reasonable price. We are based in beautiful San Dimas California and we welcome you to look us up and come pay us a visit if your in town.

Specbolt also has available a huge inventory of almost any size metric fastener you might need "in stock".

With so many special sizes available to us, we can build a complete restoration kit for most any motorcycle or ATV.

Feel free to contact us for any special requests. We would love to put together an assortment just for you!!!

To ask us about a specific ATV or Motorcycle bolt kit email direct to or call us anytime at (909) 675-0190