Yamaha Blaster 200cc 2 Stroke ATV 150pc Bolt Kit

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Yamaha Blaster 200cc 2 Stroke ATV 150pc Bolt Kit

Yamaha Blaster kits fit all Blaster sport ATV models. Designed to help you maintain and restore your Yamaha Blaster 2 stroke ATV with OEM type fasteners. Our OEM style bolts are bolts match the the original bolts that came on your Yamaha from the factory. Specbolt's OEM style bolts are exact factory sizes same strength ratings and meet or exceed the factory specs. These bolts are heat treated and zinc plated for superior strength, corrosion resistance, and designed to last the life of your ATV. Included in this 150pc kit will be bolts to mount all your fenders and body plastics (including the nylon push rivets) and fuel tank, full set of 16 lug nuts, engine case bolts up to 40mm, cylinder/head flange nuts, carburetor bowl screws, exhaust bolts, radiator bolts, skid plate bolts, bumper/grab bar bolts, brake master cylinder cap screws, fasteners for controls, and more. Even though it is not a full on restoration kit, It will give you much of what you need to rebuild the entire machine. Suspension bolts, long motor mount bolts, & swingarm bolt are not included. Feel free to email or call with any questions. (770) 363-6580

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