Honda Rotor Bolt M6-1.0x18.5 CR80R, CR125, CR250, CR500, TRX250R, TRX250X

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Honda CR & TRX250R TRX250X M6 Brake Rotor Bolt


Specbolt's rotor bolt that can be used to replace Honda's M6x17 OEM #90105-KS6-700, #90105-GC4-600, and can also be used to replace Honda's M6x20 OEM #90105-HB9-000

10.9 grade M6-1.0x18.5

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1988-87 CR125, CR250, & CR500 rear rotor

1986-95 CR80R front rotor

1988-89 NX250 front rotor

1986-89 TRX250R front rotors

1987-1988 TRX250X front rotors

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