Yamaha Vintage YZ IT 2-Stroke 120pc Bolt Kit

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Yamaha Vintage YZ IT 2-Stroke 120pc Bolt Kit

The Specbolt 120 piece Yamaha YZ IT vintage kit is designed to help you maintain and restore your older 1976 to 1993 two stroke Yamaha YZ80, YZ100, YZ125, YZ175, YZ250, YZ400, YZ465, YZ490, & YZ500 and all IT WR models using only the original type fasteners. OEM style bolts match the original bolts that came on your motorcycle from Yamaha. Our OEM style bolts are exact factory sizes with the same head style and strength ratings (10.9 grade) and meet or exceed the factory specs. 10.9 grade bolts are very strong, heat treated fasteners and wont strip out or round off like cheaper 8.8 grade bolts offered by some other companies. These are all heat treated and zinc plated to look great, resist corrosion, and last the life of your motorcycle. They are also stronger and lighter than the stainless steel bolts being offered out there. These kits include an assortment of bolts for plastics, body, seat, air box, chain adjuster bolt, engine, triple clamp, carburetor, front and rear fender, number plate, radiator bolts, exhaust pipe, silencer, clutch and magneto covers, crankcase bolts up to 35mm long, cylinder and head, and many more pieces. To find out if it contains specific fasteners you are looking for, email us at or call us at 909-675-0190!

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