Suzuki 2-Stroke Top End Engine Kit (Nickel Würks)

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Suzuki 2-Stroke Bike & ATV Top End Engine Bolt Kit (Nickel Würks)

Our Nickel Würks 2 Stroke Top End engine bolt kits are the perfect way to replace all the fasteners on your 2 stroke top end at once.

Upgrade your 2 or 4 stroke engine's Top End nuts and bolts with Specbolt Nickel Wurks 10.9 grade high performance fasteners. These bolts rival the great looks of titanium with the strength of 10.9 heat treated steel. A combination that cant be beat. Used by some of the top engine builders out there like Tom Morgan and Rob Selvey to name a few.

Picture Shows:

Nickel Würks M8 Cap Nuts with Copper Washers

Nickel Würks M10 Flange

M6x16 Nickel Würks Bolts used on some Hondas for exhaust manifold

M5x16 Nickel Wuurks Bolts used for exhaust valve cover

M5x20 Nickel Würks Bolts used for second exhaust valve cover

M6x10 Phillips Hex Bolt with Copper Washer used as a coolant drain bolt

M6x10 Nickel Würks Bolt with Copper Washer used as a oil level check bolt

M6x22 Nickel Würks bolts to mount your intake/reed cage (please let us know if you plan to use a spacer or aftermarket intake)


Photo that is shown is a general set.

(Each bike or ATV varies please see below)
Please include your bike model and year in the notes section when you place your order so that we can include all the right bolts for your bike or ATV

Looking for a specific fastener? See our individual fasteners category to find your fasteners.

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