KAWASAKI Bolt Kit KX 80 85 100 125 250 250F 450F 500 KXF KX250F KX450F

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KAWASAKI Bolt Kit KX 80 85 100 125 250 250F 450F 500 KXF KX250F KX450F

1998 & up Kawasaki KX/KXF Bolt Kit

Fits Kawasaki 2-stroke KX models including all: 1998 & up KX80 KX85 KX100 KX125 KX250 & KX500

Also fits Kawasaki 4-stroke KXF models including all: KXF250 & KX450

Specmoto's Kawasaki Replacement Fastener Set is designed to help you maintain and restore your KX/KXF 2 or 4 stroke using exact OEM Kawasaki matching fasteners.

These OEM style bolts match exactly what came on your Kawasaki originally and are designed to replace the most commonly needed fasteners all over your bike.

Full range of Kawasaki Factory fit flange bolts specific to KX and KXF.

Bolts for all your plastics and bodywork, brake rotors for most models, new M22 locking axle nut, fork pinch bolts, rear sprocket, engine left & right side covers, water pump, exhaust, and wheels.

And all the following: M22 Fuji-lock axle nut, Crush/sealing Washers, SEMs bolts with built in washers, Kawasaki Fork Guard Bolts, Cotter Pins, Wheel Rim Lock and Valve Stem Hardware, Kawasaki Shoulder Seat Bolts, Kawasaki Radiator Shroud bolts, 17 compartment travel case, and more.

Compared to all the other aftermarket bolt kits out there, this Specmoto kit is designed to give you the best bang for the buck. A selection of the most needed Kawasaki style hardware in one package, all at an attractive price. You can't beat this deal anywhere.


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