Honda 87-01 CR500 Plastics Bolt Kit

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Honda 87-01 CR500 Plastics Bolt Kit

These Specbolt body kits are dialed right in. We did all the work, so you don't have to. This is exactly enough to mount all your bodywork and plastic. All OEM fresh new fasteners to mount all your bodywork/plastics.

Front & Rear Fender, Fuel Tank, Seat, Fork Guards, Radiator Shrouds, Front Number Plate, and Side Panels

Tailored specifically for
CR500 1987-2001

Detailed kit contents: (see images as well)

Seat: 2-Correct fit M8x20 flange bolts
Fork Guards: 6-Correct fork guard bolts
Radiator Shrouds: 4-M6 radiator shroud Bolts, 2-M6x20 & 2-M6x25 reduced flange bolts, and 2 collars
Front Fender: 4-M6x16 flange bolts, 4-collared washers, and 4-M6x20 fender washers
Rear fender: 1-M6x14 & 2-M6x16 flange bolts, 3-collars and 3-6x20 fender washers
Side Panels: 2-M6x16 flange bolts and 2-collars
Front Number Plate: 1-M6x12 wide flange bolt and 1-M6 shouldered bolt
Fuel Tank: 2 M6x40 reduced head flange bolt

Plastic Storage Box
Comes in a high quality plastic organizer box. Fits in your back pocket or tool pouch.

Specbolt manufactured these to meet or exceed manufacture's specs. Heat treated and hardened fasteners will out last originals.

These fasteners are zinc plated and bright, shiny, and durable (just like the originals). They look great and will resist corrosion. They are even salt water resistant.


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