Chain Adjuster Bolt Set M8X50 (Zinc)

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Chain Adjuster Bolt Set M8X50 (OEM Zinc)

This tough 10.9 grade heat treated chain adjuster fits Honda CR CRF, Yamaha YZ YZF, Suzuki RM RMZ, Kawasaki KX KXF, KTM bikes and more. Price per pair with flange nuts included. These fit 99% of the dirt bikes out there and will outperform your originals.

Many Sport Bikes also use this same exact size bolt for rear axle adjustment setting.

Generally Replaces:
Any M8x50 fully threaded hex bolt.

Specifically Replaces:
Honda part# 90105-MEN-000, 90105-KZ4-J30, 90106-KS6-700 & 90119-300-000

Learn how to properly measure bolts here on our how to page.

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