TRX250R Complete Top End Engine Fastener Replacement Set

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This high performance OEM matching full engine bolt kit was designed to be the ultimate 250R engine bolt set! We have done all the homework for you making this a truly easy experience to get all the fasteners for your 250R engine in one easy to understand kit. Fits both TRX250R OR ATC250R From stock to high performance, expect these fasteners to out perform your originals 100%. Guaranteed fit and finish! You Get all the Top End Fasteners! 6-M8 Tall Chrome Cylinder Head Nuts. Taller than the OEM 90443-107-00 nuts. Perfect for std. or long aftermarket studs. 6-M8 Thick copper sealing washers. Perfect for OEM applications using a std. head gasket. Mandatory for O-ring head applications. 1-M6x10 Coolant plug with 1-M6 copper sealing washer. Replace 90037-360-000 & 90543-273-000 4-M10 Flange Nuts (non serrated) for mounting your cylinder. Replace 94050-10000 6-M6x20 Reed Valve intake bolts 8mm reduced head flange type. Replace 96300-06022-00 with these 8mm head bolts to match the rest of your engine. You can request the 10mm head flange bolts if you prefer more OEM look. 3-M6x18 Exhaust Bolts. Replace 96001-06018-00

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