Kawaski Dress Up Bolt Kit KX/KXF Nickel Wurks

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Nickel Wurks Kawasaki KX/KXR (all years) Bolt Kit

Replace bolts on your Kawasaki dirt bike

- Engine covers
- Triple clamps
- Bar clamps
- Chain slider
- Swingarm components
- Full set of modern Fork Guard bolts
- 6 Nickel wide head radiator shroud bolts,
- Nickel seat bolts,
- 2 correct square nuts for rear fender,
- a full Nickel Sprocket bolt kit... 
- plastics fender body bolts and fender washers,
- engine side cover bolts,
- radiator bolts,
- shifter bolt,
- Flange Nuts for cylinder and head,
- exhaust bolts,
- most triple clamp and handlebar clamp bolts,
- front axle pinch bolts,
- front brake caliper bolts,
- fuel tank bolts,
- clutch and front brake perch bolts,
- number plate and side panel bolts

...all with a hard and beautiful nickel finish.

What are the details of this bolt kit?

- Fits all years for KX (2-stroke) and KXF (Four-stroke) Models 
- Uses 10.9 grade nickel plated fasteners.
- M6 Nickel Wurks flange bolts in this kit range in size from M6x10 up to M6x45 and look beautiful used on your engine covers and plastics.
- M8 Nickel Wurks flange bolts in this kit range in size from M8x12 up to
- M8x45 and are perfect to replace your old bolts on your seat, front end, triple-clamps, bar mounts, axle pinch bolts, brake caliper mounts etc...
- M6 Nickel Wurks wide head flange bolts in this kit in 2 sizes. M6x12 & M6x16 are great for mounting radiator shrouds and bodywork plastics.
- Our Specbolt drilled washers are perfect size and for mounting plastics and bodywork.
- Contains a full assortment of Nickel Plated Flange nuts in M6, M8, and M10 sizes.
- Assortment of the most needed Fender and Flat Washers are included.
- Full set of Nickel Wurks Kawasaki Sprocket Bolts with thread lock pre-applied. Complete with matching flat washers and class 10 flange bolts.
- Full set of 6 Kawasaki specific Fork Guard Bolts are included in the set. A big improvement over stock. They have been re-engineered to hold the fork guards tighter in place and eliminate any wiggle that is usually found on some models. This is especially helpful when running a holeshot device.

Additional bolts may be needed here and there for a restoration depending on your make and model.

These are all available as refills in our store for around a buck a bolt.