Kawasaki KX/KXF Plastic/Body Bolt Kit 64 Pc

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Kawasaki KX KXF Plastics & Bodywork Fastener Kit

Specifically Tailored for:
Kawasaki 2 stroke KX models KX60, KX65, KX80, KX85, KX100, KX125, KX250 and KX500 (From 1974-Current)

Kawasaki 4 stroke models KX250F KX450F (1988-Current)

This 64 piece HIGH QUALITY 10.9 grade bolt kit was designed to let you replace the bolts for your plastic/bodywork on your KX or KX-F with Factory Match 10.9 grade heat treated OEM style fasteners.

Enough to mount your front fender, rear fender, fork guards, seat, radiator shrouds, chain slider, front and side number plates. 

Since this kit fits a wide variety of model you will have spares for future replacements. 


All Kawasaki Models KX60 KX65 KX80 KX85 KX100 KX100-BW KX125 KX250 KX500 & KX250F KX450F

Each kit contains 64 OEM matching Kawasaki fasteners of the following sizes:

10 collar washers for fenders and bodywork
2 Dished washers for chain sliders
6 Kawasaki radiator shroud & side panel shoulder bolts
2 M6 square nuts for rear fender
10 M6x16 fender washers
16 M6x12 flange bolts with 8mm head
4 M6x16 flange bolts with 8mm head
8 M6x20 flange bolts with 8mm head
4 M6x20 flange bolts with 10mm head
2 M8x20 flange seat bolts


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