Honda 89 CR 125/250/500 Front & Rear Rotor Bolt Set. Contains 10-M6x18.5-ROT

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Honda 89 CR 125/250/500 Front and Rear Rotor Bolt Set


Specbolt's rotor bolt set can be used to replace 87-88 Honda's M8x20 OEM #90112-GZ0-000, #90112-HA2-000, 90112-HA2-010, 90112-HB9-000


1989 CR125, CR250 & CR500

Includes the following items:

10 - M6x18.5 Honda CR type rear brake rotor bolts (This bolt is compatible with the following Honda part #s: 90105-GC4-600, 90105-KS6-700, and 90105-HB9-000)

Full bike set. Enough to do 2 rotors (front and rear).

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