Dealer Display w/12 Spec-Pak Kits

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Dealer Display with 12 Spec-Pak Factory Fastener kits

These display units are free with purchase of 12 Spec-Paks. Choose any 12. These things turn big profits for your parts department. These kits contain all the factory matching fasteners you customers are going to need for any quick repair. Most riders will grab up one of these when purchasing oil, spark plugs, or whatever for that weekend outing. A very smart impulse buy at the counter. Full selection of factory correct OEM match 10.9 grade M6 reduced flange bolts, M6 radiator shroud shoulder bolts, Fork-guard bolts, Sub-frame bolt, seat bolts, chain slider washers and screws, spare triple clamp and handle bar bolts, 10 collar washers/body bushings, rear fender square nuts and more.