Yamaha YZ WR Nickel Wurks Show Body Bolt Kit for plastics fenders 65 80 85 125 250

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Yamaha Nickel YZ, YZF, WR, XT, TTR Plastic & Bodywork Fastener Kit

Specbolt's fastener kit was designed to replace the bolts for your plastic/bodywork on your YZ and YZ-F with 10.9 grade heat treated quality matching fasteners. Not all kits out there are 10.9 grade. Ask if you're not certain. If they don't say 10.9, they are only 8.8. Don't settle for sub-par bolts on your dirt bike!

This Specbolt dress-up Bodywork Bolt kit was designed to upgrade the fasteners for your plastic/bodywork on your Yamaha YZ with 10.9 grade Nickel Plated High Quality Race Hardware.

Applications Include:

ALL YAMAHA YZ 65 80 85 125 250 models. 

Designed to dress up your bike when replacing your front fender, rear fender (including the 2 square nuts), fork guards, seat, radiator shrouds, front and side number plates!


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