Nickel Wurks KTM Bolt Kit

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KTM Nickel Wurks Bolt kit from Specbolt.

There great looking race bolts rival the looks of expensive titanium without the high cost.

This kit is specifically configured for KTM and it features 10.9 grade hardened bolts with a hard nickel plating.

These bolts resist oxidation and rust far better than the originals.

Designed with performance and longevity in mind these hardened steel bolts will transform your bike to Full Wurks Status.



 See below to learn more...

 You get a 3 different sizes of our M5 bolts all with 8mm head. 


You get a wide range of M6 sizes ranging from M6x10mm up to M6x45mm


You get a wide range of M8 sizes ranging from M8x12mm up to M8x45mm with enough to cover most model's. Bolts for triple clamps, front axle pinch bolts, handle bar mounts, and front brake caliper mounting.


We've also include our full collection of Orange Aluminum CNC bodywork bushings and washers used on the KTMs. Also available individually if you ever need more. (Aluminum bolts / spacers)



Nickel wurks OEM matching KTM Fork Guard Bolt Set


Nickel Wurks OEM matching M8x26mm Torx Head Sprocket bolt Set


Nickel Wurks hardware for your KTM brake rotors are included.


We throw in 10 of these M6x20 KTM Euro Ejot Screws used for plastics all over these bikes.


We try to include everything you are going to need get your bike to full wurks status but you may find you need a few more of this or that.

If you need more to complete your project, its easy to find the sizes you want right here on the site under our (Nickel Wurks Series) hardware category.

Additional sizes up to 100mm long available separately here on the site.