2 Pounds Random Specbolt Fasteners Bolts, Washers, Nuts M6, M8, M8/M10 Head socket reduced

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Specbolt Fasteners Variation Bag of Fasteners

2 Full Lbs (pounds) of random Bolts
Each bag is completely random

Specbolt has a huge box of random bolts that need a home..
While supplies last. Different finishes include, Silver Zinc, Gray Dacromet & Nickel.
Various bolts can include
M6 Fairing Bolts
M6 Flange bolts w 10 Head
M8 Flange bolts
SEM Bolts
M6 Flange Bolt Reduced M8 Head
M6/M8 KTM/Euro Bolts
M6/M8 Socket Bolts
M8 Sprocket Bolts
M6 Yamaha Wide Bolts
Various Rotor Bolts
Various Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM and Suzuki Special bolts like fork guard, shroud etc...
M4/M6 Screws, Pan/Flat Head
M6 and M8 Flange Nuts some with nylock Zinc and Nickel
Cotter Pins
M6 and M8 Washers Zinc and Nickel

This is just a list of what is in our big box of random bolts. We randomly grab 2 pounds and ship them to you.

Spin the wheel now and see what you get!