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Specbolt's service department kits are a must have for any serious mechanic. To have access to the correct fasteners right when you need them is an invaluable time saver.

Now available are the

Specbolt 54pc M8 reduced head flange bolt kit (great for triple clamps etc...)

Specbolt 150pc M6 reduced head JIS flange bolt kit (MX body and engine bolts)

Specbolt 202pc M6 flange bolt kit (MX and ATV body and engine bolts)

Specbolt 212pc M6 flange bolt kit with KTM screws (body and engine bolts for KTM)

Specbolt Master Kit designed for the serious mechanic and has a bit of everything we offer.

The Specbolt Service Department kits contain a great selection of the various fasteners we all need sooner or later.

For example...Screws, nuts and bolts that fit your controls, clutch and brake perches, brake fluid reservoir caps, carburetor bowls, plastics, fenders, number plates, seat, subframe, exhaust, muffler, cylinder & head, reed cage, intake, clutch & magneto covers, crankcase, coil, CDI, fuel tank, radiators, fork guards, triple clamps, handlebar clamps, brake calipers, chain rollers, skid plates, grab bars, foot pegs, etc...

We build each kit with very strong 10.9 grade OEM type metric flange bolts, screws, washers, and nuts. We have many service department kits available to suit your needs. Check out out store site for specifics or contact us direct.

Design your own Master Kit....Just email at specbolt@gmail.com or call us at 770-363-6580

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